About us

Our Philosophy

We seek to create gardens and landscapes that offer a rich and multi-layered experience for our clients – spaces with an emotional depth, that also benefit wildlife and the local ecology. We look to forge connections between people and the nature surrounding them.
We bring an analytical design approach together with a detailed understanding of the local ecology and flora, and the wishes of our clients. We follow an ethic of sustainability and seek to increase the ecological diversity and richness of any landscape in which we work. 
We use local materials wherever we can and select plants fitted to their surroundings, which will endure over time. We are particularly interested in planting schemes inspired by plant communities as they occur in natural and semi-natural landscapes.

We create the scene, without imposing a disingenuous story. We strive to combine subtle design with ecology restoration.

Our Mission

Teasels Biodiverse Design and Consultancy is a bespoke Garden/landscape design firm dedicated to creating sustainable landscapes and enduring relationships between people and nature.
If you are passionate about biodiverse garden design and would be interested in joining our team please email us at: dan@teasels-design.co.uk

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