Wildlife friendly Community garden

Garden design cambridge

Our garden design in Cambridge uses wildflower turf artistically combined with locally sourced hard landscaping materials and habitat structures to create a biodiverse garden design in Cambridge

The community garden uses wildflower turf rolls containing uk native wildflowers, trees and shrubs for beneficial to wildlife and spring flowering bulbs.

Our garden design in Cambridge utilises low maintenance self binding gravel as the material for the intimate seating area adjacent to areas of lush naturalistic planting.

Artisan habitat posts for solitary bees are included. The garden design in Cambridge whilst also uses sandy, free draining soil, as this will provide further habitat for the local ecology.

Our garden design in Cambridge is consciously designed to stand out and become a welcoming hub for the local community to use

As focal point to our biodiverse garden design is a public art installation design by Jill Fordham .