Heal Rewilding

How to rewild your garden

With some clients we advise them on how to rewild their garden , making their gardens wildlife friendly, however, rewilding your garden may not be appropriate due to its size and its function. You may have read the rewilding book, Wilding, by Isabella Tree, and became inspired to “do your bit for the environment.”, however you weren’t sure how to go about it.?

Heal Rewilding is a charity, which has a simple mission to raise money to buy land in England and rewild it.

Teasels fully support this mission and will donate a % of our profits to support the vital mission of Heal Rewilding.

When you instruct Teasels to design your biodiverse garden you are also helping Heal Rewilding restore nature, store carbon in the soil, allow communities to reconnect with nature, (thus improving mental wellbeing) through their Rewilding projects.

Rewilding Britain and reserving the sharp decline in Uk animal species is vital. Every wildlife friendly garden can play a vital role in this, though large scale UK rewilding projects are also required.