Wildflower meadow

Wildflower meadow garden

Using UK native wildflower meadow seeds, Teasels, undertook the task of creating a wildflower meadow for our client in the Hertfordshire countryside. The wildflower meadow creates a haven for both wildlife and the clients.

The english wildflower meadow blurs the boundaries between garden around the house and the surrounding arable farmland landscape . This wildflower meadow, sown in November 2019, is an example of using wildflower meadow seed create a meadow on a large scale.

Working in collaboration with our farmer client, Teasels illustrated how to turn a field into a wildflower meadow and we worked with his farmhand on when to mow a wildflower meadow.

Wildflower meadow gardening is a long term process and some of the wildflower meadow plants take many years to establish, though with the right wildflower meadow maintenance , this wildflower meadow will massively contribute to the local ecology.